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  • Rachel Alvarado

Applying to Medical School in a Pandemic

An Interview with Aly Johnson

How are you feeling?

"Full of excitement, but it's unfamiliar. Applying pulled out a lot of grit, but it was good because I was chasing something I cared about!"

Did you imagine you'd be here?

"No! UNMC felt comfortable, but I wanted more involvement with my faith. Loma Linda was out of my comfort zone, but it's liberating to do something super different."

What held you back?

"Myself! My confidence influenced how much I cared. I thought I didn't have the grit, but I do."

What made you pivot?

"It took a lot of introspection. I realized the direction was going was fine, but not fulfilling. I was settling for something out of fear of failing."

How did LSAMP impact you?

"In every positive way! Mentors gave me confidence and support through every pivot."

What do you want to say to others on a similar path as you?

"I'm sorry you don't believe in yourself as much as others believe in you. Do not downplay your story or compare yourself to others!"

Interview by Rachel Alvarado

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Queenster N
Queenster N
Aug 16, 2021

Aly, THANK YOU for not settling!! Congratulations on your new chapter and I hope that it brings you joy & fulfillment!


Unknown member
Aug 02, 2021

YASSS “Do not down play your story”!!

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