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  • Network with fellow IINSPIRE scholars and alumni

  • Support and empower young BIPoC students in STEM

  • Gain volunteers hours working with the team of your choice in a role that fits best with your goals and skills

  • Personalized letters of recommendation by the President/CEO

  • Learn new skills & participate in ongoing professional development

General Volunteer

This application is for the General Volunteers who help ILAC with the miscellaneous tasks needed to assure the organization's success. This could include helping with marketing campaigns, event prep, website development, fundraising, and more. While you don't belong to a specific team, this role serves as a good intermediary position to introduce you to all of the teams within ILAC.

Estimated Hours Per Week:  1- 3 Hours 

Writing Team Member

You: want to engage, connect and explore yourself and others through reading, writing and literature to understand and reveal culture, society, history and personal stories. You are a critical thinker, creative, like sharing ideas, concepts and theories and/or want to grow, learn, practice and support your critical thinking, writing and communication skills for yourself, your profession and portfolio in a 3-6 month, weekly or bi-weekly commitment position  

  • Attend bi-weekly or monthly meetings where we build relationships, hold discussions, write/share/discuss texts

  • Write insightful, fun and relevant content for the ILAC blog or other activities

  • Meet deadlines, workshop each other’s work, support team growth 

  • Share your knowledge and collaborate on ideas, activities and events 

  • Build, practice and support writing and critical thinking skills 

  • Host/Join writing and literary events 

  • Report updates to the Chief Editor 

Estimated Hours Per Week:  1- 3 Hours 

Financial Assistant

  • Prepare and Process approved purchases, reimbursements, and payments

  • Recruit monthly sponsors, Track giving, & Perform routine analyses/reports 

  • Attend regular Finance Team meetings & Report updates to Chief Financial Officer.

Estimated Hours Per Week:  1- 2 Hours 

Adminstrative Assistant

  • Facilitate Leadership Team appointments

  • Manages relations of all the Teams according to the Administration Strategy 

  • Implement human resources strategies through department accountabilities for (not limited to) talent acquisition, training, and development, employee retention

Estimated Hours Per Week:  1- 2 Hours 

Lending Library Director

  • Manage the ILAC Lending Library Operations

  • Refine Lending Library Operations & Promotions

  • Attend Operations Team meeting & Report updates to Chief Operations Officer

Estimated Hours Per Week:  1 - 3 Hours (more time expected in the weeks leading up to lending periods)

ILAC Test Prep Director

  • Develop MCAT & GRE prep curriculum and Recruit Alumni to lead sessions​

Estimated Hours Per Week:  2 - 3 Hours

Chief Editor

  • Chief Editor

    • Manage ILAC Blog, ILAC Features, and ILAC Newsletter

    • Meet deadlines, workshop each other’s work, support team growth 

    • Share your knowledge and collaborate on ideas, activities and events

    • Oversee Writing Team and Assign projects

    • Conduct regular Writing Team meetings

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